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October 24, 2012

Superhero Lollipop Cape & Mask – free printable

Busy Bee has just turned 5 and she chose to have a Superhero Party with her friend Oli. Oli’s mum and I made loads of “super” decorations for the party but these Superhero Lollipops were one of my favourites and a big hit with all the kids.

They are really easy to make too – although all the cutting out can make it fairly time consuming.

To make:

  • Print out some capes and masks* on a lightweight card. We used 178gsm card.
  • Cut them all out.
  • Punch a hole in the top of the cape and thread the lollipop stick through the hole.
  • Stick the mask around lolly (we used a bit of sticky tape).
  • Done!
*You can either draw your own capes and masks or you can print out our free template which includes some favourite superheroes. We have also included a colour-your-own version for kids who like craft activities.

For personal, non commercial use only.


November 11, 2011

Christmas Craft Activity – Making Magic Reindeer Food

Christmas is a super time of the year for craft activities. Four year old Busy Bee likes to make little packets of Magic Reindeer Food which she then gives to all her friends.

Magic Reindeer Food is a simply a mix of oats and coloured sugar that you sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve – a little snack for Rudolph & Co while they wait for Father Christmas to deliver the presents.

“Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home.”

To make Magic Reindeer Food you will need:

  • Oats
  • Sugar (bigger granules work best)
  • Food colouring (we use red or green)
  • Cellophane bags (we used 7”x3”x2” purchased on eBay)
  • Coloured string or ribbon
  • Tags*

To make:

  • Add a few drops of food colouring to sugar and either mix or shake in closed jar until the colour is evenly distributed.
  • Spread the sugar out on baking tray and heat in very low temperature oven for about an hour to dry the sugar out. Let it cool and then break up the sugar a bit with the end of  a rolling pin.
  • Mix the sugar and oats together.
  • Spoon an equal amount into the cello bags. You can stand the bag in an empty mug to make this easier for littlies.
  • Tie the string or ribbon around the top of the bags and attach a tags.

*You can either make your own tags or download and use our template.

Happy crafting!

For personal, non commercial use only.


February 2, 2011

Free Valentine’s day craft printable

Make some cute little Valentine’s day bookmarks with our free craft printable.

valentine's day bookmark


To make:

  • Download the free template
  • Print it onto paper or card (if printing onto paper stick it on to card to make it more rigid)
  • Cut it out and then punch a hold in the top
  • Finish by tying a piece of satin ribbon through the hole

To make your bookmark extra durable, you could laminate it. The downloadable template is an Adobe PDF file. It includes both a pink and a yellow bee.

Happy Valentine’s day!

For personal, non commercial use only.



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