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November 16, 2009

Last ordering dates for Christmas: Personalised Prints

Yes it is that time of year again when we all start thinking about Christmas shopping and vow not to leave it to the last minute.

Our personalised prints make super Christmas presents but as they are induvidually created they take a little longer to create.

So with that in mind – here are our last ordering dates for Christmas to ensure they arrive on time!

Hand and Foot Print Pictures
If you require your actual print for Christmas, you need to place your order by close of business on 27 November 2009. Your kit will be dispatched the following day and your prints need to be returned to us by 4 December 2009.

Alternatively you may prefer to give your recipient the kit along with a gift card (which we can provide on request) telling them about the print so they can choose colours etc. In this case please order by 5pm on 20th December 2009.

My favourite Things, Name Jumbles and All About Me
These need to be ordered by 9 December 2009.

Any other personalised print
The last day for ordering a personalised picture is 15 December 2009.


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November 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping: Last order dates

Milly Bee prints make great Christmas gifts! To ensure that you receive your print by the 24th please place your order by close of business 16 December 2008.

If you are ordering a customised piece of hand or footprint art and you would like the completed print back before Christmas, then you need to place your order by close of business 8 December 2008 and your prints will need to be returned to us 13 December 2008.

Alternatively you can give your recipient the kit and we will supply a card explaining to them that they can have the hand or footprints turned into a piece of art.

Don’t forget we are now offering a reprint service on the hand and footprint art – making the prints ideal gifts for Grandparents! When ordered at the same time as the main print, these start at just £12.50!


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