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Choosing the right frame

With picture frames coming in so many styles and colours, it can be a little daunting trying to decide on the perfect one for your picture. Here are some tips to help you decide.

Things to consider are the print itself both in terms of size and colour, and the decor the room in which you intend to hang it.


Metal frame

The print will give you some clues as to what type of frame will suit it.

For example if you have purchased a rocket print you may want to consider framing it with a aluminium frame to give it a space age feel.


Wooden frame

On the other hand, a Jungle Friends print such as this giraffe would look great framed in a natural wood frame – which compliments the Jungle feel.

Coloured frames are great way to add interest in your toodler’s bedroom.


Coloured frame

Use matching or complimentary colours from your print to ensure the print remains the focal point, rather than the frame. Of course you need to ensure that the frame colours blend with the overall colour scheme of the room too.

You can also choose to match your frames to your nursery furniture. So if you have an oak cot, then select an oak or oak stained frame or if you have white furniture, choose a white frame.

White frames can give you a clean and comtemporary look. They are especially striking if you are using colour on your nursery walls.

Choosing the right width and style of frame is also important. If the frame is too wide or too ornate it can overpower the picture. However, a thin narrow frame can give a more contemporary look, even on a large picture.

Lastly, as our prints are intended for children’s bedrooms and playrooms, we urge you to use acrylic instead of glass in your frames as it is lighter and safer. And don’t forget to hang your pictures out of reach of little hands to avoid accidents. We recommend using mirror or flush plates instead of regular hooks to make your pictures more secure.

The frames on this page come from See our article on Where to buy frames for more information.

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